The Fleet Sources – 18 March 2018 – Fifth Sunday in Lent- 16-B

Be Still And Know That I Am God (N)– Pray Without Ceasing (C)– Getting Closer To God
The Catholic Navigator: “A Prayer to St. Joseph.” © 2018

Saints Preserve Us! (N)
Champions of the Faith (C) – Stars of Our Faith (T)

The Solemnity of St. Joseph:

Eight Little known facts about St. Joseph:

Catholic Q&A: The Glorious St. Joseph:

Papal writings about St. Joseph (English translations):
Pope Pius IX: Quemadmodem Deus 

Pope Leo XIII: Quamquam Pluries

Pope St. John Paul II: Redemptoris Custos


The Lie That Hides In Plain Sight (N) (C)

My Jewish Learning – lashon hara, evil speech

Halakah – Talmud, Mas. Arachin (E) 2a: “Of him who slanders, the Holy One, blessed be He, says: He and I cannot live together in the world, as it is said: Who so slandereth his neighbor in secret, him will I destroy…”


Witness: “A Voice” (T)

Bible Gateway – ‘Glorifying’

Study Light – “Verse-by-Verse Bible Commentary, John 12:28”


Catechetical Corner (N)– Catholic Passport (C)– Catholic I.D. (T)

The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCCs 1695, 2477, 2488)

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