en Route to Eternity

Welcome Aboard…

                                    as we chart our course to Christ.

The Catholic Navigator, The Catholic Tugboat, The Catholic Clipper, and now introducing The Catholic Schooner, sail weekly in the course of St. Peter’s Barque. These four publications — we call them faith supplements — derive their nautical theme from the age-old symbol for the Catholic Church described in the right sidebar. Our purpose as a Catholic lay apostolate is to assist parishes, parochial schools and individuals in their faith formation and enrichment efforts.

Following the lead of the Church’s Magisterium and guided by ecclesiastic approval — the Imprimatur on each issue — we strive to accommodate the interests of those who treasure the beauty and richness in the liturgy, history, teachings, and traditions of the Catholic Church. Our Catholic heritage is a treasure beyond reckoning which we presently hold in trust to pass on to those who will follow Christ after us. Our Catholic culture thus remains a light unto the world.

As we enter the sixth year of our apostolate, we move ever closer to our ultimate goal: a full fleet of faith supplements devoted to assisting in whole-family catechesis. Each of our publications addresses a different segment of the Catholic population, as discussed on the About Us page of this website. There we also explain the focus of this website with a special emphasis on source materials used in writing each issue.

For Liturgical Year (LY) 2019 we have made changes of particular value to parishes and parochial schools. These are noted immediately below. There are also changes that benefit the individual readers who have frequented this website, and these are discussed on The Galley page.

We suggest that parishes and parochial schools download this PDF file as a record of Liturgical Year 2019’s offers and terms of use.

LY2019- Parish and School offers, terms of use

Please feel free to contact us * with any questions or to arrange for a parish/school use license. Be sure to leave a phone number so we can follow up with a call if necessary. We look forward to hearing from you.
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