Liturgical Year C – 2023:

To better enable follow up on each section in The Catholic Navigator, The Catholic Clipper, and The Catholic Tugboat weekly issues, we strive to base our sources on reliable ONLINE Catholic materials. Our hope is to make you, the mobile Catholic, better able to learn as you go about your daily life. However, occasionally we have had to source our commentary only from print material, for which we provide the pertinent information for ordering from a library or book seller.  All links have been accessed just prior to posting to assure that they are currently active. To access sources to print editions, move your cursor over the listing for the issue of interest and click to open.

General Resources for Issues:

 This PDF document lists print sources used for research and reference:

General Resources for Issues

A Note about Weekly Sources:

Please note that the source references below refer to article titles in The Catholic Navigator (N), The Catholic Clipper (C), and The Catholic Tugboat (T). The publications are designed to relate closely to each other, though the content is written appropriate to the intended readers.

This Month's Source Materials

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