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The Wait is Over… The Catholic Tugboat returns!!!

On December 1, the First Sunday of Advent, The Catholic Tugboat leaves the dockyard to re-join the fleet for LY2020. It has been refitted to address third to fifth grade students and builds on their catechetical preparation for the sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist. 


Presently weekly copies of our three Faith Supplements are available  for free download and printing per Terms of Use:
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32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time – C

The Catholic Navigator – 33rd Week in Ordinary Time

The Catholic Clipper – 33rd Week in Ordinary Time

The Catholic Schooner – 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time


Voices from Catholic Land

The final document of October’s Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazonian Region has been submitted for Papal attention. There is a complete English translation available here.


Theme for the 2020 Catechetical Year

Parish catechists’ ministry is primarily within parish religious education programs. However, they like all baptized Catholics have a broader mission, that of witnessing the Faith wherever, whenever and to whomever the opportunity is presented. This year our Bishops have adopted a theme: STAY WITH US, a response to the numbers of youth abandoning the faith as early as age 13. Our duty to these young people is to show them the reasonableness and necessity of following Christ in His Church. And to this end this USCCB website has explanation and resources to aid in our effort:

Of course, we are not to restrict our witnessing only to these young people; our secular society is desperately in need of evangelization.