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We persist in this Apostolate because the Catholic faith is beautiful, because it is true, and because it is good. We persist because the Church is Christ here-present, and, like a ship, protects and advances us toward Jesus Christ until He comes again. We persist because we have been charged with passing on our faith (see Deuteronomy 4:4-7; 11:19).

And, we persist because, to shamelessly co-opt a line from the movie, Chariots of Fire, ‘when we write, we feel His pleasure.’  Contact Us.

Presently, weekly copies of our three Faith Supplements are available for free downloading and printing.

Prayer for the Third Sunday of Easter

Entrance Antiphon for the Third Sunday of Easter


Let all the earth cry out  to God with joy;
praise the glory of his name;
proclaim  his glorious praise, alleluia.
                      Psalm 65:1-2

 We post the sources to all articles in these Faith Supplements each Monday at noon to assist teachers and students in parochial schools and CCD programs. These sources not only support the facts of our articles, but offer more information to all readers. 

                                Announcement for Jan – May 2024

     Following the deaths that shook our staff, the writers and editors of The Catholic Navigator Apostolate endured  additional trials of illness and injury these past four months. Taking time for the healing required pushed us behind our publication schedule.  Thus, we  are continuing with ‘Catholic Navigator Classics,’ issues from this same period in 2018 until we begin posting new issues on Corpus Christi Sunday, June 2.

              OREMUS PRO INVICEM! (Let us pray for one another!)

The Catholic Navigator – Third Sunday of Easter

The Catholic Clipper – Third Sunday of Easter

Please note that The Catholic Tugboat is intended for use by parent/teacher with the child.

The Catholic Tugboat – Third Sunday of Easter

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Voices from Catholic Land

There is great attention in the Northern Hemisphere about April 8th’s cross-country solar eclipse.  Fr. Raymond de Souza reminds us that the Feast of the Annunciation was moved this year to April 8th as well, because it’s usual day of celebration fell within Holy Week. Moreover, he sees grounds for a spiritual meditation on the coincidence of the Annunciation and the solar eclipse.

For the Attention of Catholic Youth and Parents

Please call  your family’s attention to the article in Voices from Catholic Land.

Some Reliable Catholic Websites 

All are encouraged to peruse the source materials to add to the understanding gained in each issue. Happy reading! A Note to Parents about resources to assist in faith formation at home.

There is much information on the Internet to help you in teaching the Faith to your children. Some helpful suggestions in navigating the Web are available in this downloadable PDF file:

Finding Catholic teaching Sites

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