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Special Notice as of 30 March 2020:
As announced on our Facebook page, we are making a special policy change to accommodate the isolating situations imposed by quarantines, ‘sheltering in place,’ and closures of churches during this pandemic. For the foreseeable future the four publications posted weekly at our website may be downloaded, emailed, and/or posted to websites and social media platforms as intact PDF files, free of charge. We ask only that a link to our website accompany any email or posting:

As we embark on our seventh year, we recall why we continue in this effort:

We persist because the Catholic faith is beautiful, because it is true, and because it is good. We persist because the Church is Christ here-present, and, like a ship, protects and advances us toward Jesus Christ until He comes again. We persist because we have been charged with passing on our faith (see Deuteronomy 4:4-7; 11:19).

And, we persist because, to shamelessly co-opt a line from the movie, Chariots of Fire, ‘when we write, we feel His pleasure.’

We want to pass this on to you, dear reader, in this new liturgical year, and we’d very much appreciate any comments and suggestions you have about our efforts. Contact Us.


Fifth Sunday of Lent – A

The Catholic Navigator – Palm Sunday

The Catholic Clipper – Palm Sunday

The Catholic Schooner – Palm Sunday

The Catholic Tugboat – Palm Sunday


Presently, weekly copies of our four Faith Supplements are available for free downloading and printing, per Terms of Use:

Terms of Use (non-institutional): Because this material is copyrighted, you are permitted to freely read and/or download and print one copy weekly of each posted faith supplement for your personal use. To print multiple copies, please request permission by emailing  However, the PDF file may not be duplicated or electronically transmitted, displayed on a website, or sent via email. Instead, please encourage friends and family at a distance to visit this website.

Voices from Catholic Land

The media is constantly flooding us with updates regarding Corona Virus (COVID-19) precautions. But even more important during times like these is spiritual readiness. Some sound suggestions follow:

Participation in Mass is ideal, but public gatherings are being limited by emergency measures. So, if physical attendance at Mass is impossible, it’s possible to ‘attend’ Mass online. Your own diocese may offer online streaming of Mass. EWTN is also a ready resource:

and not only discusses Spiritual Communion, so necessary in the absence of sacramental Communion, but is a treasury of prayer:

Joseph Pearce presents lessons from literature on the Corona virus:

William L. Pateraude points to three lessons to be learned from this pandemic:

For the Attention of Catholic Youth and Parents:

The unusual circumstances that we all face during the COVID-19 pandemic will call for the calming influence of God through prayer. We must pray for Our Lord’s assistance, and we should also invite the powerful intercession of Our Lady. Please encourage children to join with you in prayer and in using the resources listed in Voices from Catholic Land, above.

And, regarding Palm Sunday:

Unfortunately, the pandemic sweeping the world has caused the closing of churches to prevent as much as possible the spread of the virus. Nor will there be Palm Sunday processions. But Palm Sunday Masses will be broadcast on television and live-streamed on the internet for family viewing. And, thanks to the Catholic Culture website, there will be activities, recipes, prayers and readings appropriate to the day:


In addition to the sources posted weekly, there are many Catholic websites that should be visited for regular reference. Some suggested sites are listed in this PDF file:

Some Reliable Catholic Websites

All are encouraged to peruse the source materials to add to the understanding gained in each issue. Happy reading!

A Note to Parents about resources to assist in faith formation at home.

There is much information on the Internet to help you in teaching the Faith to your children. Some helpful suggestions in navigating the Web are available in this downloadable PDF file:

Finding Catholic teaching Sites

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