The Fleet Sources – 6 September 2020 – Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary time – 41-A

Three Bells for Our Lady (N)- Pray Without Ceasing (C)- Drawing Near to God (S)-
From Your Lips to God’s Ear (T)

Chabad – “Why Do Jews Pray Three Times a Day?” by Yehuda Shurpin

EWTN – “Short History of the Angelus,” by Giuseppe Luppino

Simply Catholic – “The Angelus,” D.D. Emmons

EWTN – the Angelus

New Advent – “Regina Coeli (Queen of Heaven),” by Hugh Henry

EWTN – The Prayer of Mary


Saints Preserve Us (N)- Champions of the Faith (C)- Heroes of the Faith (S)

Boston Catholic Journal –The Complete Roman Martyrology for Daily Reflection:

Catholic Saints – September 6

* CatholicSaints.Info, notes about your extended family in heaven – Home

Wikipedia – Portal: Catholic Church/Patron Archive/September


Scriptural Secrets (N)– Hidden Gems (C)– Pearls of Wisdom (S)– Buried Treasure (T)

Agape Bible Study – 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time (Cycle A)

Agape Bible Study – “The Significance of Numbers in Scripture”

St. Charles Borromeo Bible  Commentary – 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time, cycle A

Bible Study – “Meaning of Numbers in the Bible: the Number 4”

Grace In Torah – “Hebrew Numbers 1-20,” K. Gallagher


Catechetical Corner (N)– Catholic Passport (C)– Catholic Boarding Pass (S)–
Catholic I.D
. (T)

Catechism of the Catholic Church – (CCC 1776)

Catholic Answers – “The Shema: Catholic vs. Jewish Perspective,” by Tom Nash

Catholic Answers – “Where Does Conscience Come From,” by Matt Nelson

Catholic Answers – “Conscience”

The Real Presence, Modern Catholic Dictionary – “conscience,”


*Tugboat: [see Children’s Bible Stories]

Our Salvation History: Solomon’s Choice
              2 Chronicles 1-12

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