The Fleet Sources – 26 June 2022 – 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 31-C

We Love Because He First Loved Us: Sacred Heart of Jesus & Immaculate Heart of Mary (N) (C)

CNA – The Immaculate Heart of Mary

EWTN – What is the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus?

EWTN – What Does the Immaculate Heart of Mary Mean?”

The Catholic Thing – The Immaculate Heart of Mary

Holy Rosary – “Fatima Apparitions”


Church Builders: The Church, II (N) (C)

First Things – The Smoke of Satan Returns,” by William Doino Jr., 10/28/13

The Journal – “What has the Catholic Church ever done for the world? Quite a lot, actually,”
                    by Dr. Thomas Finnegan

Alaeteia – “5 Ways the Catholic Church has changed the world,” by J-P Mauro, 10/29/18

Deseret News – “Commentary: History shows contributions of Catholic Church to Western civilization
     By Deseret News”

The Catholic Thing – “Do This in Remembrance of Me,” by Michael Pakaluk

Catholic World Report – “‘In the Beginning’ is the Eucharist,” by Fr. Charles Fox

CERC, Catholic Education Resource Center – “What the Church Has Given the World,”
              by Fr. Andrew Pinsent and Fr. Marcus Holden


Scriptural Secrets (N)– Hidden Gems (C)– Buried Treasure (T)

USCCB- The Travel Narrative/ Journey to Jerusalem

Bible Hub – ‘hodos


Catechetical Corner (N)– Catholic Passport (C)– Catholic I.D. (T)

Holy Spirit Catholic Community, Naperville, Illinois– Precepts of the Church


*Tugboat Challenge: Word Search


Church Builders: The First Martyrs of the Holy Roman Church (T)

 With this introduction to the First Martyrs in Rome we  invite some independent study.  



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