The Fleet Sources – 26 April 2020 – Third Sunday of Easter – 22-A

What’s in a Word? (N)–Contained in a Word (C)– Words are Our Friends (S)– Special Words (T)

CERC, Catholic Education Resource Center – “Our Jewish Heritage,” by Martin K. Barrack

Catholic Online – “Tres Linguae Sacrae: Three Sacred Languages–Hebrew, Greek, and Latin”

Catholic Exchange – “Ten Must-Know Hebrew Words,” by Stephen Beale

Catholic Exchange – “10 Greek Words Everyone Should Know,” by Stephen Beale

Epic Pew – “Latin Words Or Phrases Every Catholic Should Know,” by Matt Vander Vennet

Oxford Biblical Studies Dictionary

Kerygma –

Hosanna –


Sabbath –

Pasch or Pesach –




Tender Mercies (N)–Tender Mercies (C)–Tender Mercies (S)–Stars of the Faith: Tender Mercy (T)

 Encyclopaedia Britannica – St. Catherine of Siena

Biography Desk – Biography of Saint Catherine of Siena

Church Pop – “11 Fascinating Facts About the Life of St. Catherine of Siena,” Ed.


Scriptural Secrets (N) – Hidden Gems (C) – Pearls of Wisdom (S) – Buried Treasure (T)

Agape Bible Study – 3rd Sunday of Easter (cycle A)

St. Charles Borromeo – 3rd Sunday of Easter, Cycle A


Catechetical Corner (N) – Catholic Passport (C) – Catholic Boarding Pass (S) – Catholic I.D (T)

.Catechism of the Catholic Church –  (CCC 185, 850*, 2175, 2179*)


 *Tugboat offerings:

Our Salvation History: Family Reunion!

        Genesis 45

Tugboat Challenge:

Answers given in Challenge

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