The Fleet Sources – 17 July 2022- 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Vol. 3, Issue 34)


Chasing Holiness 
“Principles of Ignatian Spirituality, II: God is Present; God Labors; God Can Be Found,” from the private papers of M. Monica Meagher, Spiritual Director-in-Residence, Faber Center for Ignatian Spirituality. Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. August 2015.

Scriptural Connections
Chabad- Torah

Jewish Virtual Library- the Written Law

Judaism 101- the Torah


All reference citations are given in the articles.


Pray Without Ceasing

Aquinas and More – Monthly devotions



Taylor Marshall – Podcast Archive, #196, 2019- “Catholic Goals for Battle with Dr Taylor Marshall        ,” January 1, 2019.


Getting It Straight

The Inquisition
National Review – “The Real Inquisition,” by Thomas F. Madden; June 18, 2004 2:26 PM

Crisis – “The Truth about the Spanish Inquisition,” By Thomas F. Madden, April 2, 2011

 Catholic Answers – “The Inquisition,” November 19, 2018

Catholic Straight Answers – “What are the facts about the Inquisition?”


 Hidden Gems

Israel Institute of Biblical Studies –

St. Charles Borromeo – 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time, cycle C

Agape – 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Cycle C)


Catholic Passport

Catechism of the Catholic Church – (CCC 1803, 1889)






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