The Fleet Sources – 15 May 2022 – Fifth Sunday of Easter – 25-C

Wisdom: Hokmah, Sophia, Sapiens (N) (C)


“One could say that the central idea of the book is given in 15:1: ‘He who holds to the law will obtain wisdom,’ and that it was written for those who wish ‘to gain learning, being prepared in character to live according to the law’ (prologue, 34–35): To this end, the structure of the book reflects that of the Law, in that it consists of five parts just as there are five books in the Pentateuch.” Michael Adams, trans., Wisdom Books, The Navarre Bible (Dublin; New York: Four Courts Press; Scepter Publishing, 2004), 383.

Catholic Stand – “The Joseph and Francis Evangelization Excuse: Part II,” by Todd Federici


Church Builders – 26 Martyrs of Mexico (N) (C) (T)

Saint Christopher Magallanes and Companions:

Cristero Rebellion- part 1 (with links to Parts 2 and 3):


Scriptural Secrets (N)– Hidden Gems (C)– Buried Treasure (T)

Catholic Culture – mandatum novum; Maundy Thursday

Read the Fathers – “Mandatum novum do vobis”: Maundy Thursday Sermon,” Possidius


Catechetical Corner (N)– Catholic Passport (C)– Catholic I.D. (T)

Catechism of the Catholic Church – (CCC 295, 1704)


*Tugboat Challenge: Matching


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