The Fleet Sources – 12 April 2020 – The Resurrection of the Lord – 20-A

Be Still and Know That I Am God (N) – Pray Without Ceasing (C) – Drawing Near to God (S) – Catholic I.D. (T)

Catechism of the Catholic Church – (CCC 1165, 1166, 1169)


From Your Lips to God’s Ear (T)

an Easter Prayer


 Dear Fr. Thom (N) – Dear Aquinas (C) – Q & A (S)

 Cross v. Crucifix:

Online Etymology Dictionary – crucifix

Catholic Online, Q & A – “Cross or Crucifix?” by Michelle Arnold

Aquinas & More – “Why are crucifixes important to a Catholic?”

*Source for story of crucifix and removable corpus:

St. Charles Borromeo Parish
4500 Ackerman Blvd.
Kettering, Ohio 45429


The Good Egg (N) – The Good Egg (C) – The Good Egg (S) – Buried Treasure (T)

Catholic Culture – Symbolism of the Easter Eggs

Orange County Catholic – Easter Season Has Just Begun

Catholic Culture – Catholic Activity: Easter Symbols and Food


Liturgical Lights (N) – Guiding Lights (C) – Lights of the Liturgy (S)

 Catholic Answers – Holy Saturday, the Saturday before Easter

Catholic Culture – the Easter Vigil


*(Tugboat offering): Our Salvation History: The Greatest Story Ever Told!

The Old Testament is fulfilled in the New Testament by Jesus’ birth, death and     Resurrection.


*(Tugboat offering): Tugboat Challenge:

 “Close your eyes. Take some time to think about the God who loves you more than anything. Feel the warmth of  His love. Try to draw a picture of this awesome God and His love of you”


Painting of “What Our Lord saw from the Cross” by James Tissot

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