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Please note regarding Liturgical Year B (2018):

First, we will continue to post our weekly issues for all three publications during Year B as we have done throughout Year A. These are free for your individual use; however, beginning the First Sunday of Advent (Year B), we ask that readers consider making a free will offering to:

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Second Sunday of Lent– Liturgical Year B
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The Catholic Navigator- Second Sunday of Lent

The Catholic Clipper- Second Sunday of Lent

The Catholic Tugboat- Second Sunday of Lent

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Second, the USCCB has designated Living as Missionary Disciples as the new catechetical theme. So, as foundation for the upcoming year, we bring with us Prayer: The Faith Prayed (last year’s catechetical theme), now incorporated into our daily routine. Please be sure to visit this USCCB website to learn more about Missionary Discipleship:

Might we suggest that one expression of personal Missionary Discipleship is to join with us in our apostolate by encouraging others to visit this website for access to the faith supplements?