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The Solemnity of Jesus Christ the King:
(Today’s posting ends Liturgical Year A- 2017)

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(Year B begins with the First Sunday of Advent)

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Second, the USCCB has designated Living as Missionary Disciples as the new catechetical theme. So, as foundation for the upcoming year, we bring with us Prayer: The Faith Prayed (last year’s catechetical theme), now incorporated into our daily routine. Please be sure to visit this USCCB website to learn more about Missionary Discipleship:



Pastoral Poetry…

and we use this term, not as in the poetic idealization of country life, but literally to denote poetry written by a busy Catholic pastor. For, occasionally we’ll be blessed to share with you poetry composed by Fr. Patrick Dolan. Ordained in 1978 for the Archdiocese of Louisville, Fr. Dolan has an impressive background as scientist (PhD in Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry); as theologian (STD in Theology from the Angelicum in Rome); as Army National Guard Chaplain, recently retired as a Brigadier General after four tours in Iraq and many other places; and presently as pastor of Teresa of Calcutta parish in Fairdale, KY. All this… and he finds time to write poetry.

Fr. Dolan’s latest poem takes us inside a church in autumn….

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Vigil Light Echoes