En route to Eternity

Welcome Aboard…

as we chart our course to Christ.

You have docked at the website of The Catholic Navigator, The Catholic Tugboat and The Catholic Clipper. If your parish subscribes to these weekly print publications, then you are here to follow up on information cited in the articles. We trust that what you find under the Issue Sources tab helps to make your faith journey a bit more certain. But before rushing on to the sources, you may wish to select the About Us tab to familiarize yourself with who we are, what we are doing, and some facts about this website. And definitely visit The Galley for links to great Catholic material.

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The Catholic Clipper (for Teens, ages 16-19) was launched on its maiden voyage on Sunday, November 27, 2016—the start of Liturgical Year 2017 (A).  Issues in PDF format can now be downloaded for printing at the free section on The Galley page. Over the course of the coming year this weekly newsletter will provide background on the Sunday readings with related catechetical insights as well as brief articles about saints, historical events, customs, prayer, etc.


                                    Now on the nautical drafting table….
The fleet’s expansion is underway with these awaiting their turn in dry dock:
The Catholic Skiff  (for pre-school children)
The Catholic Canoe and The Catholic Kayak (for early primary and middle school)

The Catholic Schooner (for early teens)
The Catholic Mariner (for reflections at the end of the journey)

Your prayers will aid our discernment, and your comments will help us in setting priorities.